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Jordan Moser "Sleeping Bag"

Image of Jordan Moser "Sleeping Bag"


Sleeping Bag

In May 2011 Jordan Moser began recording Sleeping Bag with Producer Matt Smith at East Austin Recordings. Some of the songs were fresh off the paper, some were rewrites, some were songs dug up from the past that had stood the test of time. Sleeping Bag is a collection of songs that have lived many lives. Although Sleeping Bag is the culmination of years of writing, this record is just as much about the process as it was about the songs. Disheartened by his many failed attempts to make “the record” he decided to leave the often creatively stiffing multi-track process behind and record the majority of the record on the fly. For two weeks Producer Matt Smith and Jordan Moser worked on one song a day. Jordan would start on one instrument and gradually work through the whole arrangement himself. Add a few friends and the longing whine of a pedal steel and you have Sleeping Bag.