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Jail Weddings 'The Spell Has Lifted' 7"

Image of Jail Weddings 'The Spell Has Lifted' 7"


Standing alone as the world’s only 10-piece modern-day Wall Of Sound “death-doo wop” soul-stricken rock n’ roll behemoth, JAIL WEDDINGS first splayed open their guts through these very sessions captured first on their self-released “Somebody Lonely” 7” (out of print), then quickly followed by their Albino Crow single “The Spell Has Lifted” b/w “People Like Us (Are Extinct)”. Recorded in November 2007 at the infamous all-analog fortress The Distillery, this was a head-first experiment for the band on how to cram all the layers of their pandemonium-peaked live shows into what should come across as more streamlined, classic 2:30 pop song. After two days of grueling trial- by-fire tracking peppered with various tear-soaked tantrums, then another 2 days of hair-pulling mixing, results we’re thankfully victorious. While the first pair of songs released to the world showed the band as bit more upbeat, almost romantic party band, the darker subsequent “The Spell Has Lifted” b/w “People Like Us (Are Extinct)” single was a far more tell-tale vibe of the group at that particular time – cantankerous, precarious, piss and vinegar saliva-dripping that seems to come right through the speakers on front man Gabriel Hart and (the since dismissed backing vocalist) Tornado Jane’s duet “The Spell…”, the group’s Los Angeles love/hate kiss off. Things get even more personal on the b-side for “People Like Us (Are Extinct)” another insular anthem for Jail Weddings ABOUT Jail Weddings written by Gabriel when he smirkingly realized that the monster he had created was now towering over him…For fans of THE SHANGRI-LA’s, THE FLESHEATERS, X, MISFITS, and THE MAMAS AND PAPAS.