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Dalmacio Von Diamond 'The Other Side Of Darkness' LP

Image of Dalmacio Von Diamond 'The Other Side Of Darkness' LP

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Better known these days under the moniker of his full band THE ENOCHIAN KEYS, Dalmacio Von Diamond (risen from the acclaimed ashes of the infamous HOLY CURTAIN) has been boot-burning, teetering precariously on Southern Californian ramshackle stages for well over two years into his lidless rollick. An audacious, take-no prisoners theatrically-bent take on classic dark, crooning rock has arrived and demanded attention in an almost time-out-of-place fashion you simply do not see in these intimate of atmospheres…These “minor chord mini-dramas” Dalmacio has penned and orchestrated with his trench-coated hentchmen seem to somehow actually drop the temperature in the room -whether in synch with the record needle or with the audiences stomping feet – creating a panicked, aural landscape of fragmented cautions and confessions, having as much in common with the laments of Scott Walker as it does with the intents of Depeche Mode.
Essentially a solo effort, “The Other Side Of Darkness” is Dal’s masterfully self-produced debut, showing a more stripped down version of songs you will see the 6-piece ENOCHIAN KEYS set all these ocean-air eroded stages on fire with. The album’s unarguable anthem “I Don’t Want To Be Young Anymore” stands out from the brooding rest as a classic end-of-the-night drinking song, building up from each woozy yet literate verse into the over-the-top schizo fuck-it cry of total abandon…”LA LA LA LA LA! LA LA LA LA LA!!!” that might have made a less elusive Jack The Ripper proud. But for these modern turbulent times the pleasure is all ours…